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2020 Arkansas Duck Stamp Print

Duck Stamp Painting Final.jpg

"Bee Bayou Teal" by Bruce Miller


The 2020-2021 Arkansas Duck Stamp  painting was produced by Bruce Miller and is entitled "Bee Bayou Teal."  The scene depicts an early fall teal hunt on an Arkansas bayou. Pink tinges of smartweed are visible as a pair of green-winged teal soar through the hole. Since its inception, the Arkansas Duck Stamp Program has raised millions which have been used by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission for waterfowl research and to acquire land for the creation of safe refuges for our abundant wildlife. The stamps tell stories of Arkansas's rich duck hunting - steeped with memorable scenes from favorite flooded timber holes to prized labrador retrievers and magnificent sunrises. It is little wonder that the Arkansas Duck Stamp program is the most successful of them all!


Born in Minneapolis in 1952, Bruce Miller showed signs of artistic talent at an early age, starting when he was given a set of acrylic paints for seventh grade art class.  In 1988 he won his first national contest, Artist of the Year for the Michigan Wildlife Art Festival and since has won over 50 awards in the United States.  He’s won 26 conservation stamps, including the 1993 Federal Duck Stamp.  Miller was named the 1999 Ducks Unlimited International Artist of the Year, The National Wild Turkey Federation Artist of the Year 2008, and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Artist of the Year in 2002 and 2011.  Miller's work has generated over $10,000,000 for conservation.

“Regular Series” (Edition of 7200) Print with mint stamp - $157.00


“Executive Series” (Edition of 500) Print with medallion and mint stamp - $257.00


“Special Series” (Edition of 600) Print with medallion and mint stamp - $257.00


“Governor's Series” (Edition of 150) Print with Gold-plated medallion and mint stamp signed by Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson - $375.00


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