The Steve Smith Endowment will provide a financial base for the Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation, giving it the ability to embark on projects, programs, and services bolstering the mission of the Foundation in its goal of supporting the needs of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.  The Endowment was created by AGFF Board Member Witt Stephens, who announced a challenge gift for the fund, vowing to match every dollar raised up to $150,000!   Please click on the link below to make your gift.


Steve Smith served as president of the Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation for 25 years.  During his tenure, Steve guided many foundation projects, including the purchase of the Robinwood addition to Wattensaw Wildlife Management Area, the purchase of a 421-acre tract for Fred Berry Conservation Education Center on Crooked Creek, and the development of the Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation Shooting Sports Complex in Jacksonville. Steve passed away March 22, 2017, at the age of 70.

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Hall of Fame

Joel Campora

Joel Campora, AGFC Wildlife Officer First Class, alongside Sherriff Cody Carpenter responded to a 911 call during overnight flashfloods in 2013. Both officers lost their lives in the line of duty attempting to save two Y City victims trapped in their home by severe floodwaters. A wildlife officer since 2007, Joel considered a life as a game warden “A dream.” Originally from Mena, he was a member of the AGFC Dive Team and the Disaster Response Team. Joel is survived by his wife Rebecca and their two daughters.

Sergeant Darrell Monty Carmikle

The late Sergeant Darrell Monty Carmikle of Heber Springs died in the line of duty as a wildlife officer with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. Carmikle was killed in a helicopter crash the morning of Nov. 16, 2008, while investigating deer poachers in Cleburne County. A former Wildlife Officer of the Year, Carmikle created the Game and Fish search-and-rescue dive team and boated with former Governor Mike Huckabee down the Arkansas River to promote the state's natural resources in support of a "conservation amendment." It designated that one-eighth of a penny from the state's general sales tax go to the Game and Fish Commission, state parks and the Arkansas Heritage and Keep Arkansas Beautiful commissions. The amendment passed in 1996.

Wallace Claypool

2012 Legacy Award Winner

Wallace Claypool was born in 1886 and died in 1973 at the age of 87. Claypool’s Reservoir in east Arkansas launched the most reproduced wildlife photograph of all times in Arkansas, and it was the site of an early television milestone program. All along, from its construction in 1940 to today, the reservoir has been a proven and reliable hotspot for mallards and many other species when ducks come south for the winter.

George Cochran

A railroad worker who liked to fish, he worked his way up from local bass tournaments to twice capture the prestigious BASS Masters Classic. Duck hunting is a passion, too, but a strong suit is the teaching outdoor pursuits to young people.

Neil Compton

He loved the untamed Buffalo River even more than his vocation of treating the sick and bringing babies into the world. As founder and first president of the Ozark Society, he was in the forefront of the long and eventually successful fight to prevent building of dams on the Buffalo.

Cotton Cordell

He grew up at a fishing resort, learning the need for more and better equipment and especially the knowledge of using it. His first lures were assembled at a kitchen table, then his company became a major lure manufacturer.

Charlie Craig

During the Depression, he led a campaign for small donations that bought the land for the Game and Fish Commission's Centerton Hatchery. More recently, he was a strong supporter of the drive for the Conservation Sales Tax.

Richard Davies

As longtime state Parks Director and as Director of Arkansas Parks and Tourism, he joined Steve N. Wilson of the Game and Fish Commission in mapping the successful 1996 campaign to put the parks system on solid financial footing.

Nancy Delamar

With her leadership, many significant areas have been protected by the Nature Conservancy, and the organization has helped public agencies with others. DeLamar lent her considerable support to the conservation sales tax campaign.

Gene Denton

He has been an avid turkey hunter for 58 years. He joined the National Wild Turkey Federation in 1975, not long after the organization was founded, and became a member of its board of directors in 1980. He has played a key role in the growth of NWTF into a major and effective conservation organization. Denton and NWTF have been instrumental in a number of Arkansas habitat improvement and expansion projects.

Ron Duncan

The Central Fishing Club at Springdale Central Junior High School was the forerunner of Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs (HOFNOD). Duncan came up with the idea in the early 1980s and HOFNOD became a nationwide program. Today's growing HOFNOD program used Duncan's Central Fishing Club as a model.

George Dunklin

George Dunklin is a past AGFC Commissioner, the current Ducks Unlimited President, and lifelong conservationist. A third generation rice farmer, George is a strong advocate for rice agriculture in the region. He has followed his family tradition of farming, hunting and conservation. A Pine Bluff native, he has three grown daughters with his wife, Livia and lives in Stuttgart.

Kirk Dupps

He used a background of executive leadership with Wal-Mart to promote the creation of a notable trout fishery on the White River below Beaver Dam. He serves as a board member of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and has been an Arkansas Game and Fish Commissioner and board member of the Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation.

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