The Steve Smith Endowment will provide a financial base for the Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation, giving it the ability to embark on projects, programs, and services bolstering the mission of the Foundation in its goal of supporting the needs of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.  The Endowment was created by AGFF Board Member Witt Stephens, who announced a challenge gift for the fund, vowing to match every dollar raised up to $150,000!   Please click on the link below to make your gift.


Steve Smith served as president of the Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation for 25 years.  During his tenure, Steve guided many foundation projects, including the purchase of the Robinwood addition to Wattensaw Wildlife Management Area, the purchase of a 421-acre tract for Fred Berry Conservation Education Center on Crooked Creek, and the development of the Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation Shooting Sports Complex in Jacksonville. Steve passed away March 22, 2017, at the age of 70.

Arkansas Game & Fish Foundation

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About the AGFF

Our Vision

The Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation is recognized in Arkansas as a leader in supporting acquisition of property for hunting and fishing opportunities, in creating and supporting conservation education as a partner with the Commission and others. 

The Foundation is dedicated to providing creative opportunities to develop young Arkansans' interests in fishing and hunting, in informing and educating the public on a variety of issues important to the future of hunting, fishing, and wildlife conservation and in supporting other related programs in Arkansas.


The Foundation is viewed as a progressive, innovative, and leading organization that uses these traits to serve its contributors and its key publics.

Mission Statement
  • To support the mission of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission;

  • To help assure the future of high quality hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation opportunities in Arkansas;

  • To develop, promote and participate in conservation education programs for educators, students and all other Arkansans; and

  • To acquire and provide financial support for properties and facilities for conservation education programs, wildlife habitat, and land for game and fish management programs through gifts, donations, bequests, and grants.


The Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation, formed in 1982, is a non-profit organization composed of men and women who are passionate about promoting hunting, fishing and conservation education among the youth of Arkansas. 


Most Foundation members will tell you that they learned how to hunt and fish from their grandfathers, fathers and mothers.  All Foundation members are passionate about continuing that legacy and passing  on the heritage of hunting, fishing and conservation education to new outdoor enthusiasts.