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Arkansas Duck Stamp Print Program

Sunlit Mallards at Slicks.jpeg

2022-23 "Sunlit Mallards at Slicks" by Clay Connor


For many, the purchase of a duck stamp is a mere requirement to duck hunt in Arkansas. Stamps are purchased every year by waterfowl hunters, many times when renewing their annual hunting license. The stamps are a very important source of funding for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission; millions in revenue from the stamp have been earmarked by the agency for waterfowl research and to preserve and acquire land for the safe refuges for the state’s abundant wildlife. The stamps tell stories of Arkansas’s rich waterfowl heritage - steeped with memorable scenes depicting legendary bayous and flooded timber holes to prized Labrador retrievers to magnificent sunrises over an iconic flooded rice field. It is in this realm that the artworld meets the waterfowler, and the passion that drives the Arkansas Waterfowl Stamp Program to create memories for future waterfowl enthusiasts to come. Save your stamps!


Arkansan Clay Connor was selected as the artist for the 2022-23 Arkansas Migratory Waterfowl Stamp. Clay honed his skill of capturing the outdoors through his adventures of pursuing fin and fowl with his camera and brush throughout the United States. Wildlife art has been a lifetime passion for Clay; he has been a finalist in the Federal Duck Stamp Program contest, winner of the Wisconsin Ducks Unlimited Print of the year and his work has been featured with Ducks Unlimited and Delta Waterfowl. In 2020, Clay was selected as the artist of the Second Edition of the Arkansas Quail Conservation Stamp. Clay believes in supporting, joining, and contributing to outdoor conservation efforts as he has been quoted “join a conservation organization today so that the images and paintings I create today are not used as a reference for tomorrow.”

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