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Arkansas Duck Stamp Print Program

2023 Duck Stamp Scan (1).jpg

2023-2024 "Pintails Over Penn Bay" by Justin Madding


For many, the purchase of a duck stamp is a mere requirement to duck hunt in Arkansas. Stamps are purchased every year by waterfowl hunters, many times when renewing their annual hunting license. The stamps are a very important source of funding for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission; millions in revenue from the stamp have been earmarked by the agency for waterfowl research and to preserve and acquire land for the safe refuges for the state’s abundant wildlife. The stamps tell stories of Arkansas’s rich waterfowl heritage - steeped with memorable scenes depicting legendary bayous and flooded timber holes to prized Labrador retrievers to magnificent sunrises over an iconic flooded rice field. It is in this realm that the artworld meets the waterfowler, and the passion that drives the Arkansas Waterfowl Stamp Program to create memories for future waterfowl enthusiasts to come. Save your stamps!


Arkansas artist Justin Madding lives in the beautiful Arkansas River Valley with his wife, Belinda, and children Jake and Sadie. Madding captures nature, wildlife, and western lifestyle through many different mediums. As an artist and photographer, he shares what he sees through the lens bringing his vision to the canvas. Madding was awarded the 2020 Michigan Ducks Unlimited Print of the Year as well as the 2020 Ohio Ducks Unlimited "People's Choice Award" for work submitted to the Ohio Wetlands Habitat Stamp competition.


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