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The Mission

In 2021, leaders of the Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation, along with private citizens, saw the need to provide Game Wardens in the state of Arkansas with specialty equipment that will protect the resources in the state.

A Day In The Life

Arkansas Game Wardens are charged with the duty of enforcing state and federal boating laws upon the state's thousands of acres of lakes, waterways and rivers. They also provide protection and enforcement of laws that cover threatened and endangered species of fish and wildlife.


Support the Get It for Game Wardens program today to help Arkansas Game Wardens ensure the highest level of service for the people and resources in Arkansas.  Click the link below to find out more about the program, and to donate towards your district, or the area of greatest need.

Upcoming Events

Join us for an evening of dinner, drinks, raffles and entertainment

to support your local game wardens! For more information,

please reach out to Tyler Lawrence by emailing

Comments? Questions? Please contact Tyler Lawrence at

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