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Leaving a

Leaving a Legacy Program


Flexible by design, the Leaving a Legacy Program allows for a wide array of giving opportunities that best align a donor's intent and passion to make a significant long term impact on the efforts of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.  The program is designed to align with AGFC's new strategic plan focusing on the areas of habitat, access, and recreation.

The Mission

Throughout the years, the Foundation has worked in lockstep with the Commission to ensure the future of quality hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation opportunities in Arkansas. In celebration of the long-standing partnership between the Commission and the Foundation, we honor those conservationists who are

Leaving a Legacy.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s mission can be broken into three main objectives:

  • Enhance Arkansas’s fish and wildlife and their habitats

  • Promote sustainable and responsible access to public lands

  • Connect Arkansans with outdoor recreation opportunities in their own communities.


This approach has shaped the three pillars of Leaving a Legacy:








Leaving a Legacy supporters will have the opportunity to designate how their contributions 

aid the Commission in the achievement of these goals through support in these pillars.

Leaving Your Legacy in The Natural State

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s contribution to our state isn’t only abstract. Outdoor recreation brings 96,000 jobs to Arkansas, along with $9 billion in economic benefit annually through consumer spending in the state.
Let us not get too comfortable, though – all of the progress made could be lost in a generation. It is imperative that we continue to move forward as the keepers of conservation, toward wiser use of water, earth and wildlife. We must ensure that the lifeblood of our wild places and wild things is preserved through continued education of our heritage and the culture of outdoor life in Arkansas.

This path could not be possible without the generosity and support of our Foundation partners and those Arkansans that pass on their love of the outdoors and this great state to the generations that follow, those that make their mark by Leaving a Legacy.

Giving Opportunities












Legacy Endowments

Legacy endowments are a great way to make a lasting contribution to the AGFC and its mission. Upon creation of an endowment
program, the contributor can denote specific AGFC programs or objectives that will benefit from the fund. The Foundation currently
has endowment programs in honor of former director Steve N. Wi
lson and former president Steve Smith, among others.


Planned Giving

A gift given today is a gift for tomorrow. Planned giving is a wonderful way to make a larger, lasting contribution that’s sure to
impact future generations of outdoor enthusiasts. Leaving a Legacy provides a range of planned gift options to help ensure that our
donors find a match for their interests and their resources. 
Planned gifts can include:

• A gift in a living will or trust
• Legacy endowments
• Gift of securities
• Beneficiary designations
• Gifts of personal property
• Gift of real estate
• Retirement plan assets
• Annual fund membership program
• Capital gifts
• Memorials and honorariums
• Gifts in-kind
• Corporate match gifts
• Qualified Charitable Distrib
utions (QCDs)


Immediate Impact

Renovation and rehabilitation projects are currently underway across the agency. Gifts made to current projects and projects on the horizon ensure that future generations of Arkansans can enjoy the excitement and wonder that only nature can provide. Opportunities for renovation and  rehabilitation works include:

• Modernization of Jim Hinkle Spring River Trout Hatchery
• Renovations to green tree reservoir infrastructure
• Building additional recreational shooting facilities
• Protection of species of greatest conservation need
• Continued implementation of the Arkansas Wildlife Action Plan
• Restoration of AGFC-managed lakes
• Stabilization of stream banks
• Preservation of public access to wild places
• Sustainable aquifer alleviation in AGFC hatchery facilities
• Additional amenities in AGFC properties


Click the link below for more information on the program or to contact us to setup a planning meeting!

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